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Football Coaching Equipment

Football Coaching Equipment

Practice makes perfect. Get the most out of training sessions with the right football coaching equipment and accessories and see the results on the pitch. Perfect the basics with cones and bibs for team training sessions and fine tune tactics with our coaching boards.

Football coaching is an extremely important role, and whether you’ve been doing it for years or are just starting out as a coach, no training session is complete without the right equipment. The best football training equipment mimics the situations players will face in a real-life game. And everyone knows, practice makes perfect!


Practice the basics effectively with our essential football training accessories. Brightly coloured football bibs are ideal to help your team stand out in training during practice matches. Mark out training exercises with football cones and run fitness training right with hurdles, agility ladders and slalom poles. Dive in with shooting training with our target nets and pack all the wayward balls away safely again with a selection of football ball bags.


Whatever football practice equipment your team needs, Decathlon has you covered. We have adults and kids football training equipment, including perhaps one of the most useful pieces of football practice equipment — football cones. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and have multiple uses out on the training pitch. They can be laid out and used for a range of running drills and ball dribbling exercises, or they can even be used to mark out makeshift goalposts.

Browse our range of football training equipment and accessories so you can build the ultimate football training set. With footballs, cones, bibs, speed ladders and hurdles, pop-up goals, net targets and lots lots more, you’ll find all the equipment you need at Decathlon.


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