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Football Equipment

Football Equipment

From playing at home in the garden to team training at the park, having the right football equipment and accessories can help elevate your performance. From balls to goals to protective shin pads, you’ll find it all in our football range at Decathlon.

If you want to emulate the very best footballers in the world, you’ll know that practice doesn’t end when training ends. If you want to put in the work and additional hours to become elite, or even if you just want a kick about in your back garden, you’ll need your own football equipment.


To play football properly, you need the right football gear, including a football, goals, and your football kit. And whether you’re a league player or you just play football for fun, protecting yourself from injury is vital. That’s why football shin pads are an important part of your kit. The shin bone lies just under the skin and is not protected by any surrounding muscles, so it is very susceptible to injury. Injury to the shins can be extremely painful, so protecting them from opposing players studs is key. We also sell hockey shin pads too.

At Decathlon, we have football equipment and accessories for adults, as well as kids football equipment so you can get the little ones kitted out. We have football shirts, shorts, and kids’ football boots too, so they’re ready for the new season.


Our range of football accessories covers the obvious choices from footballs to shin pads so you’re always ready for the next kickabout, through to football goals and training nets so you can practice swizzing in those curling free kicks in your back garden. We have football goals in various sizes, and our target practice nets come in different sizes too. They fix onto the football goals so you can improve your accuracy, and they’re easy to take down and store away too so you have them ready for your next training session.


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