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Bespoke Sports Medals

Bespoke Sports Medals offer custom medals from as little as £1.69 – Football medals, tournament medals, all custom made. Full design service and free samples!

Full coloured enamelled football medals have a detailed embossing raise effect, which look fantastic. The medal creation can also be surrounded by two different enamel borders if required. Raised enamelled football medals have a great finish and stand out more than flat medals. Any shape, size and thickness  – your choice!

We offer a wide variety of bespoke and custom football medals for every football occasion at Bespokesportsmedals.com. Looking for silk ribbons for your football medals? We can supply super-coloured ribbons upon request. Printed on cotton or silk if required, at no extra medal cost. Just let us know your specs and we can provide.

Any Football Medals medal can have a full sandblast effect, or a completely smooth finish with the text of your choice, such as the year, name, or football event, personalised on the back. Medals can be personalised with text of your choice such as the year or name of the football event on the backs, or a ruffled sandblast effect.

Using a non-colour effect, we can create any design, style, or replica Bespoke Football Medal. The non-enamelled medals have their own unique style, whether they are grey, silver or gold, and a free design service is available. Up to 7 different colours can be created, you choose we ad to surface or rear of medals.




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