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Indoor Footballs

Indoor Footballs

Indoor footballs cover everything from futsal balls with their required specifications to felt footballs designed to be used in sports halls to improve performance and limit noise. Shop from a range of sizes, colours, and materials to suit your needs right here.

If you’re playing football indoors, then you’ll need a specific indoor football. While regular footballs can be used inside, they do not usually perform as well as they do outside — with less bounce, and they can be incredibly noisy, especially if used in a sports hall. And of course, you can’t wear studded football boots inside so you’ll need indoor football shoes too.


A common material used in indoor footballs is felt, which quietens the impact of the ball on hard surfaces without compromising the performance or bounce. Felt balls are available in a range of colours and sizes, although these are often quite bright as they usually need to stand out against the backdrop of an indoor sports hall or pitch. Another material often used in indoor footballs is foam. These balls are a lot lighter than both normal footballs and felt footballs and require a different skillset to play with them. 

Whether you’re playing football or coaching it, we also have a wide range of football clothing and football training equipment for kids and adults.


Footballs made from thick PVC are perfect starter balls for kids who want to play football but don’t have the strength to kick a regular ball. These types of balls, along with felt and sponge footballs, are available in various colours and sizes to suit all players, including size 4 sponge footballs and size 5 foam footballs. Our range of indoor footballs can be found right here online or at your local Decathlon store.

If you play futsal, we have a great range of footballs and shoes specifically for playing this popular type of 5-a-side indoor football — a sport that is growing in popularity, especially in the UK. Browse our futsal range.


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