Veo Cam Discount Code - Special offer!


Veo Cam is the ultimate camera for team sports. Record and live-stream your matches automatically and take your game a level up.

Today, Veo cam is out in more than 80 countries worldwide. Members of the Veo community have recorded more than half a million games. On all levels. In Veo, we are proud that our camera solution is used by Champions League clubs’ academies, semi-professional senior teams, and grassroots clubs all over the world.

Set up the camera, press record on your smartphone, and start recording all the action. Veo’s camera records 180° with two 4K lenses, contains enough storage for several matches, and only weighs a little over 1kg.

With Junior Grassroots Football UK, you are entitled to a Veo discount below!

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Veo Cam - Special Discount Code!

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