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Veo CAMERA Special Discount Offer!

Veo Camera Special Discount Offer!
Veo Camera 2 - Junior Grassroots Discount Offer 4
Veo camera - Special Discount offer
Veo camera - Special Discount offer
Veo Camera 2 - Junior Grassroots Discount Offer 8

The Veo Camera Special Discount Offer is available to Junior Grassroots Football Clubs. Clubs can benefit from a special discount offer on the Veo Camera 2 through its partnership with Junior Grassroots, part of Coachability.

Veo Camera 2 is the world’s first portable AI camera that can automatically live stream, share and analyse junior grassroots football matches.

The Veo cam is simple to use, to set up the camera, press record on your smartphone, and start recording all the action. Veo’s camera records 180° with two 4K lenses, contains enough storage for several matches, and only weighs a little over 1kg.

Grab your Veo Camera 2 Special Discount Offer below!

Veo CAMERA Special Discount Offer FAQ's

Is the Veo Camera worth it? 

Its AI technology and player tracking make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to improve their coaching and playing skills. If you’re serious about rugby and want to take your game to the next level, the Veo Cam 2 is definitely worth considering.

Does the veo camera follow the ball?

We receive the recording from the game as a panoramic view of the entire field. Our AI software then detects the ball to present you the broadcast view that follows the play. You then have the option to mark your own highlights, download and/or share them with players, coaches, family and friends.

How do you use a veo camera?

Set up your Veo Cam 2 by following three simple steps, and you are good to go!
1. Mount it. Fix the camera on the tripod or stadium mount.
2. Raise it. Elevate your camera to the sky for a great view.
3. Enjoy it. Press record or start live-stream and enjoy the game!

Can you use a Veo Cam without a subscription?

In order to use your Veo camera you’ll need a subscription which will give you access to the Veo editor and other tools, this is where the two separate camera feeds are stitched together and then some AI wizardry turns everything into a watchable game that tracks the action as if there was a cameraman there the whole


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