Academy Football - Considerations as a Parent

Academy Football; Considerations as a Parent

This article questions some of our own parenting decisions around academy football and whether as a parent, we are pushing our own dreams onto our children.

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I’ve often questioned why I desired my child to be part of an elite football club. While it’s easy to say that it was because my child had a passion for the sport, I’ve realized that my motivations went beyond supporting their dream. As parents, we must reflect on our parenting decisions and ask ourselves whether we are pushing our own aspirations onto our children.

While my child had expressed their desire to become a professional footballer, I wonder if I would have shown the same level of support if they had chosen a different career path. As parents, we tend to romanticize the idea of our child becoming a professional footballer, based on our own love for the sport.

When discussing career paths with our children, we often encourage them to pursue their passion. However, we must consider the harsh realities of a career in football, including the constant scrutiny and pressure that comes with it. Despite the small percentage of academy players who go on to have a career in football, parents continue to invest time and resources into their child’s involvement in the sport.

For many parents, the desire for their child to be part of an elite football club stems from the need to be recognized as exceptional. However, it’s important to remember that our children’s talents and successes are not a reflection of our own. We need to bear in my that they are themselves and that we can not live our lives through them.

In the pre-academy phase, parents often take their children to multiple professional clubs in the hopes of securing a spot for their child. While it’s important to support our children’s interests, we must also consider their well-being and allow them to enjoy their childhood without the pressure of pursuing a career in football.

In conclusion, as parents, we must reflect on our motivations and actions regarding our children’s involvement in football. We should support their interests but also consider the realities and potential impact on their well-being, and their futures beyond football.

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