CoachMakerPlus Club Deals

CoachMaker Plus Club Deals

What is the CoachmakerPlus Club Deal?

The Coachmaker Plus Club deals are designed to create a Coaching Support platform for your Club to help you to develop plays in a structured manner, and have access to the external support of professional coaches when necessary.

The package is bespoke for your Club and will include:

What do you get?

Covers the basics of playing soccer including transitions, In and Out of Possession descriptions.

• 6 topic areas (blocks)
• Each Block covers 6 weeks
• Each Week has Warm UP; Technical Focus; Tactical Focus

All designed to make your coaching life easier and allow you to focus primarily on coaching and less on preparation.

Full ‘filter’ capability by:

• Topic
• Practice Type
• Participant Level and or Age Group
• In balance vs Out of Balance for Attack vs Defence sessions
• Opposed or Unopposed sessions
• Position specific
• Star Sessions from Guest Pro Coaches

Each Session is animated; has overview description as well as Progression/Simplification suggestions and Key Coaching Points

All session plans come from Professional Coaches that carry full UEFA AND UKFA Coaching Qualifications

Every aspect of the game, from professional to grassroots.

This section contains posts/blogs about relevant topics that have either been experienced by our coaches, or been raised by our Coaching customers. All are designed to provide information but also give some thoughts to help coaches with less experience think about topics in a manner that helps them progress and deliver higher quality to coaching to their players football and professional football.

Designed to give any coach a ‘go to’ place for advice on any coaching related topic, challenge or concern that they may be thinking about, experienced or seen.

The process is delivered via email to allow our Team to review and give the fastest response to anyone, wherever they are based in the world.

Support the development of your Club coaches with in person or online delivery to help them deal with their ‘day to day’ challenges and cover topics you select to gain improvements from their coaching contribution for your Club. The frequency and length will depend on your requirements so each proposal will include the basis of content including frequency of delivery.


Due to the variable nature of Clubs requirements we do not operate on the basis of a Price List. We will to consult with you to establish how best we can support the objectives that want to achieve. Once we have achieved this, then we will make a itemised Quotation of the service we recommend.

We will present this to you and talk it through to ensure you are clear of what you can expect from us, but also to make any adjustments that maybe required to ensure a positive match between your requirements, our capabilities at a cost that we both consider to be fair for both parties.