Junior Grassroots Heroes Awards



Welcome to the Junior Grassroots Football Heroes Awards, sponsered by Trophies Plus Medals. This is special recognition for the incredible efforts of volunteers, coaches, club members, parents, players and referees who go above and beyond behind the scenes in grassroots football.

We celebrate the unsung heroes involved in junior grassroots football. We understand the crucial role played by volunteers. Whether it is spending countless hours on the sidelines, coaching and mentoring young players, organizing matches, or simply providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone involved, our nominees are the true heroes of grassroots football. That’s why we have created the Junior Grassroots Football Heroes Awards, sponsored by Trophies Plus Medals, to celebrate and acknowledge the unsung heroes who make grassroots football possible.

Nominations for our special awards are open to anyone involved in grassroots football, regardless of their age or experience level.  Nominees for the Junior Grassroots Football Heroes Awards are chosen based on a range of criteria, including their commitment, dedication, and impact on the grassroots football community. All nominations will be carefully evaluated and the most deserving winners selected for a variety of categories.

Winners of the Junior Grassroots Football Heroes Awards receive not only a trophy designed and presented by Trophies Plus Medals, but also recognition and appreciation for their hard work and dedication in the community. We encourage everyone involved in junior grassroots football to participate in the Awards. Whether you nominate someone or receive a nomination yourself, being part of this community-driven event is a great way to celebrate the efforts of all those who make grassroots football possible.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the unsung heroes of grassroots football and recognizing their invaluable contribution to grassroots football.

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